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Understanding hole-to-hole centers (cc) for cabinet handles and knobsUpdated a month ago

Hole-to-hole centers (CC) refer to the distance between two fixing points of a cabinet handle or knob. This measurement is the most common way to determine the appropriate size handle for your cabinetry.

To measure the hole-to-hole centers, measure the distance between the centers of the two screws that attach the handle or knob to the cabinet. This measurement is important to ensure that your new handles or knobs will fit correctly.

We offer various sizes of handles and knobs, with different hole-to-hole centers (CC), to accommodate different types of cabinetry. You can filter for hole-to-hole size, also referred to as 'CC', on our store using the side filter options.

If you have any questions or concerns about selecting the right size handle or knob for your cabinetry, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team. We're here to help and ensure that you get the product that's right for you.

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