Customisation options

At meraki., we are proud to offer customisation options for most of our products, from size variations to finish choices.

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Cabinet Handles and Knobs Customisation

For cabinet handles and knobs, we offer customisation options, however, they require a minimum order quantity of at least 100 pieces per style and finish. This is due to the intricate processes and resources involved in creating these unique pieces.

Lighting Customisation

When it comes to our lighting range, we're a lot more flexible. You can customise numerous aspects, including how many lights you want on a pendant cluster, cable length, and cable colour amongst other design options. These customisable features allow you to create a lighting solution that perfectly illuminates your space.

House Numbers and Signage Customisation

For house numbers and signage, we offer vast customisation possibilities. We can create any letter and number sizes and styles, and we're even happy to use your own font if you have a specific one in mind. Whether you need large, bold numbers for a commercial building or subtle, stylish letters for a residential property, our custom options have got you covered.

How to Request Customisation

To inquire about customisation options, please contact our team with your specific requirements. We'll guide you through the process, providing you with a quote and time estimate. With meraki., creating a custom piece that matches your vision has never been easier.

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