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About our made-to-order products
About our made-to-order products

Learn about meraki.'s made-to-order process, its benefits, and our commitment to responsible manufacturing.

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Made-to-Order at meraki.

At meraki., many of our products are made-to-order. This allows us to provide you with a broad range of designs, finishes, and personalisation options that wouldn't be possible with off-the-shelf products. But there's more to it than just offering variety. Our made-to-order approach is a conscious decision that forms an integral part of our commitment to responsible manufacturing.

The Made-to-Order Process

Once your order is placed, it goes straight to our skilled technicians who begin the process of crafting your product. This process involves meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your item meets the high standards meraki. is renowned for. Since these items aren't mass-produced, you're receiving a product that's been given the individual care and attention it deserves.

Delivery Times

Due to the nature of the made-to-order process, delivery times are longer. We typically ask customers to allow approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of order. This time allows us to ensure that your product is crafted to the highest quality standards that meraki. is known for.

Commitment to Responsible Manufacturing

Our made-to-order approach is rooted in sustainability. By producing items only when they're ordered, we're able to significantly reduce waste and overproduction. This conscious choice reflects our commitment to responsible manufacturing practices.

Value of Made-to-Order

Made-to-order products offer several advantages:

  • Quality: Each product is made with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality.

  • Personalisation: The made-to-order approach allows us to offer a wider range of finishes and customisation options.

  • Sustainability: By producing products only when ordered, we reduce waste, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Ordering Made-to-Order Products

Ordering made-to-order items is as simple as ordering any other product on our site. If a product is made-to-order, this will be clearly indicated on the product page.

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